Cracking the Code of Motivation and Purpose – The Importance of Values

The most important thing you could ever do for yourself in your life is to clarify your values. Values provide a compass and a direction for every moment of our lives.

Values are the standards and guidelines we use to navigate through life but they are far more than that. Everything we do in life is implicitly or explicitly is tested against our values, like our own, very personal ‘anti-virus’ of the mind. When last did you ‘update’ yours?

Your Values hold the key to your motivation – so if you have ever found yourself procrastinating or holding back, your values were probably unclear. In a real sense, there is no such thing as procrastination – only a poor motivation strategy!

Values are the key to happiness because values are the conditions that must be satisfied before we will give ourselves permission to be happy.

It is no accident that both the words e-motion and motivation suggest motives for action. Clarify your values and motivation will be far less of an issue than it may have been until now.

Finally, values are a fundamental building block of your Mission in Life. If you would like to have a sense of purpose in your life, you will find it at the intersection of your Values, your Skills and the things that bring you Joy.

In the next issue of the Newsletter we will look at how you can determine your values.

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