Cracking the Code of Motivation and Purpose – Establish Your Mission in Life

In this issue of the Newsletter we will look at how, having determined your values, you can establish your Mission or Purpose in life at the intersection of your Values, your Skills and the things that bring you Joy.

What is a Mission or Purpose? It is an over-arching direction or objective that unifies your entire life towards a single, unified and passionate accomplishment. While you can achieve a goal, however, you can never fully realise your Mission as long as you are alive, since it is what energises your entire life in a purpose larger than yourself.

Some people believe that one’s Mission is determined before they are born; others believe that their Mission unfolds as they gain greater clarity concerning what their life is really about. Regardless of what you believe, the ideas presented here will help you to establish your Mission and live your life on purpose.

Imagine three partly overlapping circles. The first circle is made up of your Values – those things that are most important to you. The next circle is about the things that give you pleasure, your Joys. While many things which give you pleasure will be important to you, there are some that will not be important enough to be part of your Mission.

Now imagine another circle partly overlapping both the previous ones. There are some things that you are good at but you do not enjoy. There are other things that you are good at but do not value. Then there are those things that you enjoy, and are also good at, and also value. At the intersection of the things that you value, enjoy and are good at, you will discover your Mission.

Draw the three circles and begin to fill them in. Write about the activities that belong to all three circles. Think about how you would set a long-term goal that encapsulates those three elements. Choose one new activity every month from the centre of the three circles and begin to make some time for it. Within a few months you may be surprised to discover how your Mission in life has begun to unfold. See if you can formulate a Mission Statement that expresses your purpose: “My mission in life is to empower people to realise their full potential”.

To really live your Mission it is helpful to set goals that align with it and this we will consider in the next Newsletter.

Till next time, everything of the very best.

Jimmy Kyriacou

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