Cracking the Code of Motivation and Purpose – Determining Your Values

In the previous Newsletter we explored the importance of Values and provided a useful way to think about what they are. In a way we might think of Values as the “goals behind our goals” – in other words, what we really want from our goals. In this Newsletter we will explore how to establish your Values.

The first step in determining your Values is to clarify what matters most. You do this by asking yourself “what’s most important to me in life”? Keep asking that question until you have 7+-2 abstract words – i.e. words which do not describe people, places or things, but rather emotive qualities.

For example: if I say that my car is important to me that would not really be a value. Instead I should establish the value by asking “what is important to me about my car?” I may then discover that what is important to me is ‘status’. That would be the value.

After you have established a manageable number of values, the next step will be to determine their definitions. For each value ask yourself “How would I know if that value had been realised? What would I have to see, hear or feel to know that I was living that value?”

The final step would be to then rank your values in order of priority. The way to do that is to take the values two at a time and ask yourself of each pair: “If I had to choose between these two values, and I could only have one, which one would I choose?” Keep doing that for each pair, and then again for the ones you have already done, with each other, until you have them sorted in order from the most to the least important.

In the next issue of the Newsletter we will look at how, having determined your values, you can establish your Mission or Purpose in life at the intersection of your Values, your Skills and the things that bring you Joy. To really live your values it is helpful to set goals that align with them.

Till next time, everything of the very best.

Jimmy Kyriacou

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