Jimmy Kyriacou is a former Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa, whose life was powerfully impacted by his discovery of NLP in 1987.

Wanting to contribute more significantly to empowering people to realize their full potential, he made the shift from the practice of law, to management consulting and training, in 1991.

He was certified as a NLP Trainer, by NLP co- developer Richard Bandler, in 1993 and has presented NLP trainings to many people since then. In 2001 he was certified as a Trainer in the cutting- edge NLP innovation of Neuro-Semantics, by its developer, Michael Hall and as a Meta Coach in 2004.

In his consulting work, Jimmy has specialised in the areas of Strategy, Performance Management and Leadership Development. He has also been involved in a number of Modelling Projects of excellent performers in business.

Jimmy has read and studied widely in numerous fields. In addition to his Legal degrees, he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from a leading international university. He has a Master’s Degree in Spirituality and a second Master’s Degree in Philosophy from St Augustine’s College, both attained with distinction. He is currently working on a PhD in Contemplative Neuroscience. Jimmy is a Lecturer in Philosophy and Jurisprudence at St Augustine’s College and has served on the Faculty and the Board of the South African Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA). Jimmy is a qualified Legal Mediator specializing in RAF (Road Accident Fund) and Divorce/Family Mediation.

In his training, coaching and mediation work, Jimmy brings a high level of insight, integrity and compassion, and is known for his respectful commitment to assisting people in the fulfilment of their noblest dreams.